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Sint Maarten Fishing Questions><

This page will answer questions you may have about fishing in

 St. Maarten/St. Martin. If you still have a question you need

answered , please 

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Question: Do we when Fishing each get our own Rod or does it rotate?

Answer: It always works out fine, customers have fun and sometimes

they even bet

on what rod gets the first strike or who goes 1st, rotation, or rod assignment,

etc. it usually works out great.

Question: How far is the Marina from the Cruise Dock?

Answer: The Cruise Dock is a secure area and the Marina is only 10 minutes


 distance depends how fast you can walk. see the included map below.

Question: How many are on the boat?

Answer: Maximum 5, we very seldom make 5, sometimes

we go out with 2 or 3 persons if they are willing to pay for the exclusivity.

Question: How many rods can be out at one time?>

Answer: Regulation is 4 rods at a time however this is not enforced, so we put

6 rods/lines in the water.

Question: Do we keep what we catch?

 Answer: Usually in St Maarten the boat keeps the catch however if the

customer wants some of the fish our policy is to always share the fish with the

 customer, we have found that this works pretty well..


St Maarten Fishing Question: Do you go out every day?

Answer: No, we do not go out everyday because somedays we have no bookings.


Question: What type of boat are you using?


Our boat is a Cabo Express Fisherman

It comes with Twin Cats, Tuna Tower and Outriggers

Max 5 Persons Per Fishing Trip.

Our 3/4 day fishing works out to be our most requested and successful trip.

 Please also visit our website: or for more information.

Also for waypoint informatiom - Your guide to Boating, Diving, Fishing, Gear, Sailing, Weather and More!

 Our boat is called

Raphaella it is an Express fisherman, we only use Tiagra Shimanos for trolling

and for Deep trolling we use The Penn Senator 14/0, all our lures

are islanders.


Question:Fishing ,What is running Nowadays?

Answer: Yellowfin tuna, Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo and Dolphin(Mahi-Mahi) are

 running all year round. It is excellent fishing season all year round in St Maarten.

 In St. Maarten you will head out to the South Drop located approximately

4.5 miles (20 minutes) from the port. This area is actually a ledge that runs

from Puerto Rico to as far as Dominica.This ledge is better known as the 

Puerto Rican Trench the section of the trench that crosses us runs between

St. Maarten and St. Kitts and is a favorite hangout for big game fish of

 all species

 like Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Dolphins also called

Mahi Mahi and Wahoo.


Question: Do you provide drinks or snacks during the trip?

Answer: All refreshments are provided (beer, soft drinks, water )

and a light snack on 3/4 day charters.


Question: would you pick us up near the cruise ship or do we need to find

transportation to you?

Answer: The Cruise Dock is a located in a restricted area,



only for handling and  transportation people, however we can

 arrange a pick up for you if requested..the Marina is a 10 minute

walking distance away depends on how fast you walk.


Question: None of us have ever fished in  the ocean and we will not have

any gear, is that ok?

Answer: No problem, no experience needed, no gear needed ,

 we have lots

 of gear and our Mate has lots of experience and is readily


available to teach.


Question: What happens if the weather is too rough for fishing?

Answer: If we cannot make a trip because of bad weather we will

offer you the next available day.


Question: Is there anything I need to bring on a charter besides

 food and drink?

Answer: Yes, sunglasses, hat, sun screen, and you may also 

want to bring a camera. 


 Question: How do I make my deposit to secure my date/slot?

Answer: After agreeing with us just go to

http://stmaartendeepseafishing/st-maarten-fishing-charters.htm and follow the screen.


Question: What time is your halfday charter?

Answer: Our time schedule is:     Morning 8-12

                                                     Afternoon 1-5

3/4 Day (customer can choose, no later than 8:30 AM)

However when the customer books the charter by putting a deposit,

we will wait until the customer arrives, if the cruise ship docks late.

This means that one boat will only be able to do one charter for that day,

this happens occasionally .


Question: What if I want to walk to the Marina?

                                             Answer: From Cruise Dock to Bobby's Marina.

                                1: Head to the terminal exit and turn left on

                                                        Juancho Yrausquin Road. 

2: Turn left at the gas station , just before the Vineyard Bldg and you

 are at Bobby's Marina.

Question: What if my question isn't answered here?

Answer: Just e-mail us your question or questions and you will receive an answer.

Questions of general interest will appear on this section of our site,

we encourage you to help make this an informative site for visitors,Thank you!

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